25 August 2011

Clip from the River Plate Museum

This is a youtube video clip of a tour from The River Plate Museum and Stadium. It was posted in August 2010. Enjoy!

23 August 2011

Football in the heart of Portsmouth

Perhaps the second best thing to a museum of its own, The City Museum of Portsmouth keeps a permanent local football exhibition: ‘Football in the City: A space in the heart of Portsmouth’

Football in the City is an exciting and interactive permanent gallery space devoted to the 'beautiful game'.

The gallery space will be regularly changed and updated with new material. Currently on display are rare items such as both footballs from the 1939 and 2008 FA Cup Finals alongside contemporary exhibits such as an interactive video system allowing people to record their memories and stories about football.

19 August 2011

Museum Ball II: Feyenoord

This 1890 ball is the oldest object in the Feyenoord club museum. The leather ball was donated by Kevin Moore, the director of the National Football Museum, Preston when Feyenoord opened its museum on 15th July 2008. The ball originates from the FIFA Collection that is kept by the National Football Museum, England.

Feyenoord was founded in 1908.

15 August 2011

Scottish Cup is the oldest national football trophy

On their brand new website the Scottish Football Museum highlights the fact that Guinness World Records has declared that the Scottish Cup of 1874 is the oldest national trophy.

Guinness World Records have bestowed two awards on the Scottish Cup marking the trophy's importance within the heritage of world football. First won in 1874, the trophy is officially the oldest national football trophy in the world and the oldest trophy in Association football.

10 August 2011

Clip from the San Siro Museum

There is a clip available on Youtube.com, that's a quick tour of the San Siro stadium and the San Siro museum. The museum segment starts at 5:00. Enjoy

Posted on Youtube in april 2009.

3 August 2011

National Football Museum, England will open in 2012

You'll all know that the The National Football Museum of England is to open in Manchester following the move of its original home in Preston.
The opening of the museum has been delayed and is not to be in the autumn of 2011 as previously reported.
As stated on their website and twitter page the National Football Museum is set to open in early 2012. A date is yet to be confirmed.