About "Balls and Boots"

"Balls & Boots - the Football Museum Blog" is run by Pontus Forslund, MA in International Museum Studies and Museum Curator, Göteborg City Museum.
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I am somewhat of an Expert & Enthusiast.
In 2006 I wrote the MA dissertation entitled "Football is Forever - the Establishment and Purposes of Football Museums", (Göteborg University)  and have been working on a segment in Offside Magazine: The Top 10 of Football Museums.
Football Museums is an area where two major interests nicely combine.
I'm currently working as a curator at the Göteborg City Museum.

Balls & Boots is a blog for everyone who is interested in Football Museums and Football Heritage (or the future of Football Heritage as you could phrase it).
By an expert and enthusiast for experts and enthusiasts.

The content of "Balls & Boots - the Football Museum blog" address these themes:
1) Football Museums
2) Football in/and Museums, Football exhibitions
3) Football's material culture
4) Tangible and intangible Football heritage
5) Football and Museum audiences
6) Football and Museum politics
7) Football and Museums in society and finance
8) Football history
9) Museum learning

When it comes to finding Football Museums barriers of language is the hardest and if a museum is not visible online it's rather tricky to find. My list is not at all a complete one but it is the only gahtered information yet. It is a "this-far-list" and that is why I need assistance.

a football museum can be defined as a museum that is devoted to the game of football or a particular football club.
- Forslund, 2006

However, this qoute is on the whole insufficient. I would like to add:
"a football museum can be defined as a museum that is devoted to the game of football or a particular football club, football tournament, football stadium or football player."
- Forslund, 2011

Indeed some Football Museums are little more than Trophy Rooms, but here I am not the one to judge. It is simply a matter whether the Football Museums percieve themselves as museums not whether they fulfil any specific museum standards.

The definition of a museum according to the International Council of Museums (ICOM):

"A museum is a non-profit making permanent institution in the service of society and of its development, and open to the public, which acquires, conserves, researches, communicates and exhibits, for the purposes of study, education and enjoyment, material evidence of people and their environment." – ICOM (International Council Of Museums) Statutes art.2 para.1, 1974.