9 September 2013

The Hibernation of Balls & Boots

Dear readers and fellow Football Museum enthusiasts

You've probably noticed that Balls & Boots hasn't been updated for over a year now.
To be fair an enthusiast website need its enthusiast enthusiastic and to make a long story short, I've been quite fed up with football to be honest.
I am passionate about heritage issues and my team ÖIS here in Gothenburg. It's just been troublesome to keep my own interest up in world football and football museums. And I just don't seem to find the time anymore, working and parenting.

Hopefully you can still use the Balls & Boots site as inspiration and encyclopedia.
Hope to get back soon though.

I've got a wee football museum project going on at the Gothenburg City Museum where I work.

All the best

ps. The Balls & Boots email address is not checked regularly. Please email me at pontushw[at]gmail.com on any matter.