24 November 2009


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28 June 2009

Museum Boots III: Zola

Museum boot rather is found in the Chelsea FC Museum, London. They were specially made for Gianfranco Zola's 300rd game in 2003 when Chelsea played Blackburn and lost 2-1. The brand is Line and the boot is worth £300-500.

15 May 2009

Museum Boots II: Bell

These boots belonged to Colin Bell of Manchester City FC. Colin Bell MBE was born in Helseden, county Durham in 1946 and joined Manchester City in 1966 after three seasons with Bury FC. By many he is regarded as City's best player ever and has won the league, the FA cup and the league cup. He played 48 caps for England and 394 games for Manchester City. Colin Bell wore these Adidas boots in his last match for City in May 1979.
They can be seen at the Manchester City FC Museum

9 May 2009

Dortmund wins German Football Museum

The German Football Association, the DFB, has agreed on Dormund for the location of the future National Football Museum. Only months after the opening of the Borussia Dortmund Museum, the Borusseum. Among numerous candidates it finally came down to two at the DFB congress in Düsseldorf: the neighbouring rival cities Gelsenkirchen and Dortmund. In the vote Dortmund came out on top with 137 votes beating the Gelsenkirchen's 102. The Mayor of Dortmund Gerhard Langemayer was very enthusiastic and said that this 30 million Euro project had the city's full support. It was also stated that the museum will be located in the city centre instead of the perhaps typical placement inside or nearby a stadium (which in Germany often is placed a few kilometres inside suburbialand). Opening is scheduled for 2012 Read more here (DFB) and here (DW)

edit/ 11 April 2011: German Football Museum is now to open in 2014 /

18 April 2009

Player Profile: Ernst Kuzorra

Ernst Kuzorra played for Schalke04 for his entire career. He led his team to six national championships and one national cup, 1934-1942. By many he is regarded as the greatest Schalke player of all time.

Kuzorra made an early debut in 1919 and played his last game in 1950. As many teammates Kuzorra also worked in the mines of the Ruhr area, which was also where Schalke got their nickname from “Die Knapern”, like the young miners were called. Among them was his main partner Fritz Szepan, they also came to be brothers-in-law when they married sisters. During the 1920’s Kuzorra success began to grow and he made his national team debut in 1927, although after falling out with national manager Otto Nerz, his national caps came to mere 12.

However as a Striker he was the key player in the trademark Schalke Kreisel, a game style with quick short passing. Kuzorra became a living legend after his career as both player, manager and president for Schalke 04. His record of six national championship wins wasn’t broken until 1990 when Klaus Augenthaler won his seventh in 1990.

Ernst Kuzorra died on New Year’s day in 1990, aged 84. The Schalke04 Museum holds many object related to Ernst Kuzorra, among them: his personal photo album.

9 April 2009

Hartman Donates Record-Setting Gloves

Today we learn from the National Soccer Hall of Fame and Museum in the U.S that goalkeeper Kevin Hartman of Kansas City Wizards has donated his record-setting gloves and jersey after setting a record in the MLS with 1137 saves.

Hartman presented Hall of Fame Director of Museum and Archives Jack Huckel his game-worn jersey and gloves from the record setting match following the Sunday, April 5 Wizards’ shutout victory over San Jose, where Hartman extended his own record for career shutouts to a higher level. "I am excited that the Hall of Fame will place this jersey and these gloves on display,” Hartman said. “Every player dreams of being in the Hall of Fame. I don’t know if I’ll get elected, but a piece of my history is there and that’s very special to me. I look forward to visiting Oneonta in the future and seeing all the displays at the Museum.”

Hartman’s jersey and gloves will go on exhibition in the Hall of Fame MLS Display during the month of April.

6 April 2009

Museum Boots I: Marante

These Boots belonged to the Argentinian defender José Manuel Marante (1915-1993) who played for Boca juniors between 1934 and 1950. He won 4 league titles (1934, 1940, 1943 & 1944) and the Copa America with Argentina in 1946 and 1947.
The Boots are on display in the Boca Juniors Museum in Buenos Aires, El Museo de la Pasión Boquense

3 April 2009

Opening of South American Football Museum

On Januray 29th the CONMEBOL (Confederación Sudamericana de Fútbol) inaugurated the South American Football Museum, located in Luque, Paraguay by the CONMEBOL headquartes. Among the dignitaries were CONMEBOL President Nicolás Leoz and vice-president Eugenio Figueredo, together with FIFA President, Joseph Blatter, former FIFA-president, Joao Havelange and the Vice-president of the Republic of Paraguay in exercise of the presidency, Dr. Federico Franco.

"The greatness of this museum demonstrates CONMEBOL's value to South American football and is an example for the world. All the associations must be thanked for their contribution to this building," said Havelange.

The 1.500 square meter museum, spreads in two levels, united by a wide ramp of audiovisual and interactive content that ends in a large 360 degree auditorium shaped like a giant football, in which a movie about the origin of football, its arrival and evolution in South America. In the different panels, the whole history of South American football is exhibited with spectacular photos, videos, jerseys and historical objects.

Read more here on CONMEBOL's homepage and here on FIFA.com

1 April 2009

Debate in Bradford Museum

The Bradford City FC Museum - Bantamspast - hosted a lively debate the other week about the city's new sports venue Odsal Sports Village. The event attracted many interested visitors. The Odsal Sports Village foremost affect the rugby team Bradford Bulls but Bradford City FC might be forced to move from their home stadium Valley Parade, due to financial reasons. Dave Baldwin, Bradford City’s chief executive, stated that if the rent isn't reduced or a scheme to buy the stadium can be arranged, Bradford City FC has to seriously consider moving their home games to Odsal. Although fans are reluctant to move from Valley Parade (where the club museum it placed), it will surely come down to economics. Bradford City FC is chasing promotion in League Two at the moment. For more information, click here (Bantamspast homepage)

31 March 2009

New Exhibition: "Local Hero"

Last saturday 28 march the National Museum in Preston, England opened a new exhibition called "Local Hero", a tribute to Sir Tom Finney, legendary winger of Preston North End. This saturday on 4 april, Sir Tom himself will be a guest at the museum, signing copies of the commemorative brochure. Read more here, on the National Football Museum website

30 March 2009

German Football Museum in 2012 *updated: in 2014

I am delighted to hear that the German Football Association DFB (Deutscher Fussball Bund) has decided to establish a National Football Museum. The appointed Museums Coordinator is Dr Martin Wörner who has for years tried to create such an institution alongside writing numerous articles on the topic.
Dr Wörner's latest project was the creation of the "Borusseum", the club museum of Borussia Dortmund.

The DFB National Football Museum will open in 2012 and this april a decision is going to be made whether the museum will be located in Gelsenkirchen or Dortmund. Further information is available here on the DFB homepage Visit also: The Borusseum and Dr Wörner's website Deutsches Fussball Museum

edit/ 11 April 2011: German Football Museum is now to open in 2014 /

Questions for Museums

At the moment I am collecting answers from Football Museums on these questions:

1) When was your museum founded?
2) What is your annual visitor number?
3) Where are you located?
4) What do you consider is your finest object?
5) Do you have any particular ball and/or boots in your collection with a special history?
6) Which object related to a player are you especially proud of to have in your collection?
7) Which trophy in your collection is the most important?
8) Can you name an object in your museum collection that is amusingly odd?
9) How many objects do you have in your collections?
10) How many percent of your total collection is displayed in the museum exhbitions?
11) Do you have any concrete plans for the near future?
12) Do you have any future exhbitions planned? If so, please name them/it.
13) Do you have any museum sponsors? If so, please name them/it.

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