14 May 2011

Exhibition: History of Hamburg fans

In february 2011 the club museum of Hamburger SV opened a new temporary exhibition about the HSV fan culture named: "Wir stehen Schlange vor dem Stadion – Die Geschichte der HSV-Fans“. (We're standing in line in front of the stadium - the history of the HSV fans)

The exhibition follows the development of fan culture from the Empire period up til present day, describing the various dimensions of being a HSV fan.
There are video documentaries with interviews of fans from the 1920's and presentations of fan groups world wide.
Visitors get a chance to experience the supporter terrace of the HSV arena in a replica of the Fantribüne.

Social aspects and football-related violence are two other themes of the exhibition which seems to be well worth a visit.

The exhibition will run until spring next year, so there's plenty of time.

Link to the exhibition

The HSV Museum is located in the HSV Arena in Hamburg. It changes names quite often. When I was there it was called 'Nordbank Arena' but it is 'Imtech Arena' but I feel that it would be all right to just call it 'Volkparkstadion'. In the UEFA context it is simply called "Hamburg Arena".

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