1 June 2011

Fact File: Real Madrid Museum

The Real Madrid Musem

Real Madrid C.F is a Spanish club, founded in 1902, playing in the Primera division, also known as La Liga.

Location: in their home ground Santiago Bernabéu, Madrid
Opening year: 1999
Annual visitor number: 700 000
Collection size: 8000 objects (about 5% is on display)

For successful football campaigns it is hard to find any club that has a greater record than the Madrid whites of Real. Even impossible. And Real has the trophy to prove it in their museum: FIFA awarded them a grand trophy for being voted "the Best Club of the Century". Other priceless trophies are the original European cup and the first victory, the 1905 Spanish Cup.

Perhaps not the biggest win but surely the biggest and heaviest trophy is one made out as a castle, wighing 75 kg and 1,5 metres high.

Two players really stand out in the Real Madrid saga, both are represented in the museum collections and exhibitions with numerous shirts and boots: Alfredo di Stefano and Rául.
Especially legendary are the last boots of di Stefano. Other player-related objects are gloves of keeper Iker Casillas and the boots of Peda Mijatovic, worn in the 1998 Champions League final.

The museum's collections also holds objects and archive material of the 25 other sport sections of Real Madrid.

Thanks to Rubén Rueda, Real Madrid

Read more about the Real Madrid Museum at their website


Tom Rowley-Conwy said...

Here are a few things that are going on in English football at the moment, check it out!


With the FIFA Presidency crisis and FA Grassroots proposal falling on deaf ears it's very imporant!

Madrid museum tours said...

I haven't been here but i want to visit this museum soon, hopefully for the next year i would be able to do it, thanks for the information