29 May 2012

Newcastle United heritage is awarded grants

Newcastle United FC reports that grants have been awarded for a heritage project including an exhibition in the Discovery Museum in Newcastle as well as an education and outreach programme. The National Lottery Fund and the Premier League Community Fund are awarding grants in the total of nearly £170'000.

The project Toon Times kicks off in september 2012 and the exhibition is planned for October 2014 - June 2015. The whole project aims to attract 360'000 visitors.
Read the news here

Just a year ago there was another Newcastle United exhibition in the Discovery Museum: NUFC: For the love of Football.

There seems to be a strong connection between the club and the Discovery Museum. It is argued that a city of Newcastle size with only one professional football team enjoys much more support from the city council as well as the local community. This gives them a much greater chance to explore their heritage than other clubs in other cities that holds rival teams such as Birmingham, Liverpool, Sheffield or Glasgow.

6 May 2012

German Academy of Football Culture

The next website you should visit is the Deutsche Akademie für Fussball Kultur.
An amazing resource for everyone interested in football in German and European society.
They also have a special page about Football Museums and collection. A real gold mine for Balls & Boots.
It also confirms Germany as the great nation of Football Museums alongside Great Britain.

I also came upon a Deutches Fussball Museum in Berlin. A little surprising because it seems to cover the same themes as the planned DFB Fussball Museum (the national museum of the German FA) in Dortmund.

So, I'll try to investigate further.
Meanwhile I have some German club museums to visit online and, look (guck mal) there seem to be another museum dedicated to a player in progress.
Stay tuned!

2 May 2012

Museum Ball III: Walsall

This ball is on display in the Walsall Leather Museum, England. It is the match ball from Walsall FC's biggest game: when they beat the league champions Arsenal in the third round of the 1933 FA cup, 2-0. The game was played 14th january 1933 in Walsall's (nicknamed The Saddlers) Fellows Park.

Walsall supporter Steve Blake writes about the game:
In the first ten minutes, Arsenal were awarded many free kicks, and Walsall held the “Gunners” to a goalless draw at half-time. In the second half, Walsall’s centre forward,Gilbert Alsop headed in the first goal from a corner. They say the cheering was heard two miles away! Arsenal missed many chances untill Tommy Black lost his cool and the resulting foul produced a penalty, and Sheppard scored to put the result beyond doubt. Herbert Chapman, the Arsenal manager, was in a state of shock and promptly banned Black from Highbury, and then a few weeks later transferred him to Plymouth.