30 March 2009

Questions for Museums

At the moment I am collecting answers from Football Museums on these questions:

1) When was your museum founded?
2) What is your annual visitor number?
3) Where are you located?
4) What do you consider is your finest object?
5) Do you have any particular ball and/or boots in your collection with a special history?
6) Which object related to a player are you especially proud of to have in your collection?
7) Which trophy in your collection is the most important?
8) Can you name an object in your museum collection that is amusingly odd?
9) How many objects do you have in your collections?
10) How many percent of your total collection is displayed in the museum exhbitions?
11) Do you have any concrete plans for the near future?
12) Do you have any future exhbitions planned? If so, please name them/it.
13) Do you have any museum sponsors? If so, please name them/it.

Please submit answers here

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