7 April 2011

Museum Boots IV: Gamst Pedersen

These Adidas boots were worn by Norwegian striker Morten Gamst Pedersen in the Euro Qualification match against Denmark in Oslo on 26 March. After the game they were donated to the Norwegian Football Museum (Fotballmuseet) which is located inside Norway's National Stadium Ullevaal where the match took place. The game ended 1-1, by the way.

The print: "Stolt fjellabe" ("Proud Mountain Monkey) is explained on Pedersen's blog:

After the Norway-Denmark game I gave the “Proud mountain monkey” boots to the football museum on Ullevaal stadium. It isn’t much, but since it was some focus on the boots and the museum wanted the boots it was easy to give them to the football museum. I’ll explain what the fuzz was all about regarding the boots before the game. Denmark is completely flat, in fact flat as a pancake. The tallest “mountain” in Denmark will just come in among the top ten buildings in London. So the Danes get altitudes sicknes when they’re 50 metres above sea level. So in all their dizziness they call us Norwegians mountain monkeys. And in respect to the “flat head” people of Denmark I got printed “Stolt fjellabe” which of course means proud mountain monkey, on my football boots.

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