9 May 2009

Dortmund wins German Football Museum

The German Football Association, the DFB, has agreed on Dormund for the location of the future National Football Museum. Only months after the opening of the Borussia Dortmund Museum, the Borusseum. Among numerous candidates it finally came down to two at the DFB congress in Düsseldorf: the neighbouring rival cities Gelsenkirchen and Dortmund. In the vote Dortmund came out on top with 137 votes beating the Gelsenkirchen's 102. The Mayor of Dortmund Gerhard Langemayer was very enthusiastic and said that this 30 million Euro project had the city's full support. It was also stated that the museum will be located in the city centre instead of the perhaps typical placement inside or nearby a stadium (which in Germany often is placed a few kilometres inside suburbialand). Opening is scheduled for 2012 Read more here (DFB) and here (DW)

edit/ 11 April 2011: German Football Museum is now to open in 2014 /

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