18 April 2009

Player Profile: Ernst Kuzorra

Ernst Kuzorra played for Schalke04 for his entire career. He led his team to six national championships and one national cup, 1934-1942. By many he is regarded as the greatest Schalke player of all time.

Kuzorra made an early debut in 1919 and played his last game in 1950. As many teammates Kuzorra also worked in the mines of the Ruhr area, which was also where Schalke got their nickname from “Die Knapern”, like the young miners were called. Among them was his main partner Fritz Szepan, they also came to be brothers-in-law when they married sisters. During the 1920’s Kuzorra success began to grow and he made his national team debut in 1927, although after falling out with national manager Otto Nerz, his national caps came to mere 12.

However as a Striker he was the key player in the trademark Schalke Kreisel, a game style with quick short passing. Kuzorra became a living legend after his career as both player, manager and president for Schalke 04. His record of six national championship wins wasn’t broken until 1990 when Klaus Augenthaler won his seventh in 1990.

Ernst Kuzorra died on New Year’s day in 1990, aged 84. The Schalke04 Museum holds many object related to Ernst Kuzorra, among them: his personal photo album.

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