29 June 2011

Degerfors applies for money

Swedish club Degerfors IF is the holder of the only football museum in Sweden. It is a classic club of the industrial era and with the decline in industry the football team has given very uneven performances for quite some time now. Lately though, the team enjoys good form in the Swedish second division.
The municipality of Degerfors are like most Swedish countryside municipalities of today under great financial strain. So, in order for the clubs to meet with Swedish FA regulations of stadium recquirements, Degerfors has applied for extra funds from the region council (reports Karlskoga-Kuriren).

These funds would include money to spend on the refurbishment of the stadium of Stora Valla. The Degerfors football museum is not located in the stadium but in a building nearby but the notion is to move the museum, perhaps not into a stand but surely in the stadium's own area.

More on this as the projects develops.

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