8 June 2011

Exhibition: Sexuality and Football

Germany is the host of the FIFA Women’s World Cup and in realtion to the tournament the Gay Museum of Berlin (Schwules Museum) is to open a new exhibition, on June 23rd, entitled: On the other side - Artistic throw-ins to FIFA Women’s World Cup 2011. (Andererseits - Künstlerische Einwürfe zur Frauenfußball WM 2011).

The Museum has invited artists, interested in using the means at their disposal to research the conflict between sex, (homo) sexuality and football. The exhibition will raise the “flags” and broach the subject of football as a field of “doing gender”, as a playground for social and cultural issues upon which the debate about societal gender assignment is also fought very heatedly.

A catalogue will be published. Among other events Tanja Walther-Ahrens will present her new book “Seitenwechsel” (Changing Sides).

Opening: Thursday, 23rd June 2011, 7 p.m.
Location: Schwules Museum, Ground Floor and Second Floor (Entrance 1st Yard)
Mehringdamm 61, 10961 Berlin
Duration: 24th June until 25th September 2010
Project Manager: Dr. Birgit Bosold

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