25 September 2011

More museums added (September 2011)

Lately there has been a few additions to the overall list of football museums that I provide. Some have been found when searching the web and others are the results of tips that I've recieved. They are both existing museums and planned museums:

Added existing museums:
The BSC Young Boys Museum, in Bern, Switzerland
The Athletic Bilbao Museum, in Bilbao, Spain
The Spanish National Museum, in Madrid, Spain
The Benfica Museum, in Lisbon, Portugal

Added planned museums:
The Olympique Marseille Museum, in France (2014)
The Rapid Wien Museum, in Austria (2011)
The Tottenham Hotspur Museum, in London, England (2012-2013?)
The Aberdeen FC Museum, in Scotland

As for the Marseille Museum, it was previously thought to be an existing museum but this turned out to be false. It is now a trophy room and plans its museum opening in 2014 for their new stadium.
The Tottenham Museum is also to open with their new stadium and I doubt that this construction will be finished for the London Olympics in 2012.
Following some delays the Rapid Wien Museum is to open late this year. More about the Rapid Wien is to come later this week.

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