20 September 2011

New Dissertation: Le football exposé, Les musées de clubs

Mr David-Sean Thomas of the Ecole du Louvre has recently finished his dissertation entitled: “Le football exposé, Les musées de clubs” (Football exposed, club museums)
Balls & Boots has received this fresh dissertation and with understanding about 10% of it all (it’s in French, and outside my linguistic domain) it looks really interesting.

This is what the author himself has to say about his work:
"Concerning my recently written dissertation, my first objective was to understand how football is displayed in museums in general. It quickly appeared that the most relevant structures to be analysed were football club museums.
My problematic is: is there a museographic identity for club museums?
To answer that question I posed mixed theoretical researches and a field analysis in six places : Liverpool FC, Manchester United, Arsenal FC, Real Madrid, FC Barcelona and Atletico de Madrid. In fact there are no real club museums in France.
The results showed that the same kind of objects and general dialogue are shown in these structures. Trophies, shirts, the importance of success, a nostalgic vision of the past are omnipresent. Some problems are the noticeable like the lack of quality of the conservation, of the scientific approach of the collections or of the pedagogical actions offered.
I really enjoyed this analysis and I am now waiting for the mark given for this work."

Balls & Boots wish Mr Thomas the best and keep fingers crossed for a good mark.

About the author:
David-Sean Thomas, (b. 1986) is a resident of Paris and started his studies in the university of Paul Valery, Montpellier where he earned his Information and communication degree. He then moved to Paris to study history of art in the Ecole du Louvre, located under the famous museum. Finally, he gained a masters degree in museology in that same university, writing two dissertations : the first was about Nicolas Poussin's paintings in the Louvre museum, the second about football in european museums. At the same time, he worked in the National Museum of Sport.

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The Therapeutic Novice said...

Wondering if Sean will give me access to his dissertation as we are working with the Football museum at Hampden Park Glasgow in order to create meaningful memory triggers for men with dementia?

Best wishes

Andy Lowndes