10 May 2011

Light on the US matter

Regarding the last post on the US Soccer Museum status, I turned to the former Director of the Museum (National Soccer Hall of Fame and Museum) Mr Jack Huckel.

Do you have an updated version of the status of the collections and archives?
I fear that the valuable collection will be sold of.

Let me put you at ease - the collection in general cannot be sold off as part of the agreement with the certifying organization - New York State Office of Museums.

The materials are located in the Eurosport warehouse in North Carolina. The warehouse is a climate controlled facility and the archives are, I have been told, stored separately in a caged area so there is not general availability to its contents. The plan, as expressed to me, is to work with museum and library studies students to work the collection. Hopefully, this will become true.

To make some corrections to your blog post, the National Soccer Hall of Fame is still organized as a non-profit corporate entity. A new Board of Directors is being instituted and it will be a separate entity from the U.S. Soccer Federation, though U.S. Soccer will continue to offer administrative support.

In actuality the two organizations will act together, but legally will be separate.

The key is, of course, that the archives are together and could be used to resurrect the Museum in the future.
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This future scenario is not likely anytime soon, so we just have to wait and see what the new Board concludes.
Jack Huckel is now his own man with a specialist firm offering services with work related to Halls of Fame: J.R. Huckel & Associates

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