9 May 2011

More museums added (May 2011)

With the refurbishment of the blog, I have "found" some new football museums, before unknown to me, in just a couple of weeks.
As it is, the only way to find more museums is to search the Internet as thoroghly as possible and language is always a barrier.

So, for the past couple of weeks these museums have been added to the list of Football Museums:

The Legia Warsaw Museum, in Poland
The Steaua Bucharest Museum, in Romania
The Atletico Madrid Museum, in Spain
The River Plate Museum, in Argentina
The Olympique Marseille Museum, in France
The Hertha Berlin Museum, in Germany (scheduled to open in 2012)

Hopefully they can respond to my questions so that I can get a chance to present the museums further here on "Balls & Boots" - the Football Museum blog
Click the link in top link bar for the full list

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