22 May 2011

Whatever happened to the Australian World Cup qualification winning penalty spot and ball?

When John Aloisi scored the deciding spot kick against Uruguay it meant that Austarlia would play their first World Cup in 31 years. It was 16th November 2005 and the qualification match between Australia and Uruguay had gone to a penaly shoot-out finale.

The nervous home side supporters of the Socceroos exploded in joy when that last kick put the ball inte back of the net. It was surely a moment of great national importance. The historic value of the event was acknowledged when it was decided that not only would the penalty kick ball be kept but also the very penalty kick spot, a patch of grass, were to be preserved, dry-frozen.

The ball and piece of turf was on display in the Telstra stadium before ending up in an exhibition in the Powerhouse Museum, entitled "The World Cup dream: stories of Australia's soccer mums and dads".

In June 2006 the ball and piece of turf was sold at an ebay charity auction, with the profit benefitting the Johnny Warren Football Foundation. The final sum was 17 500 Australian Dollars.

But where are those artifacts of great historic value and national importance now?
They should be in a museum, and perhaps they are? Or maybe they just decorate the mantelpiece of a wealthy football fan?

Do you know what has happened to the Aloisi penalty spot and ball?
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